1How many times can I enter each round?
You can enter as many times per round as you’d like!
2I don’t have those four Schleich animals, can I use other animals?
Yes! We will take your story and, using some creative liberties, adapt it to be about our four key leading characters.
3What formats can I enter in?
  • Image file (JPG, PNG)
  • Video file (MOV, MP4)
  • Document (DOC, PDF)
  • Sound file (WAV)
    4Can I win all three rounds?
    Yes! We are looking for the most creative storytellers for each round.
    5How do I upload my file?
    Visit URL and hit upload. That will allow you to upload your entry. Formats accepted include JPG, PNG, MOV, MP4, DOC, PDF or WAV.
    6Where can I find more information about joining 4-H?
    You can visit to learn more about 4-H.
    7Where can I buy the 4-H/Schleich bundles?
    Visit to purchase the Schleich/4-H Bundles
    8When will the final video be shown?
    The final video will premiere on October 5, 2021.