There’s just no telling how a story will end, especially when Schleich fans are in control!

Schleich and 4-H are teaming up to help kids of all ages + Schleich fans tell the most amazing animal tale of the year. Participating is easy and fun!

We’ve started the story for you, but we need your help with the rest! Tell us how you think the story should continue in a written story, a photo, video, song...any format will do. The more creative, the better!

We’ll be asking for you to help us continue the story through three chapters throughout the year. The best stories for each chapter will be turned into videos that will be part of an epic, interactive “create your own adventure” video this fall! And of course, each finalist will receive a $50 Schleich prize package!

Explore the site to learn more and start your submission today!


Watch How the Story Began


Schleich and 4-H are asking kids of all ages + Schleich fans to reach into the most fantastical depths of their imaginations and share what they think should come next in three chapters of a totally-epic, ever-expanding, awesome animal story. The contest kicks off on National Storytelling Day on April 27, with two additional chapters to follow. Check back here frequently to see where we are with the story, to contribute to the next chapter, and to experience the final interactive “create your own adventure” video featuring fan-favorite submissions.

How Chapter 3 Began…

What a crazy fork in the road that was!
“Let’s never split up again,” said Blair. The others nodded.
ChaCha glanced at his phone. “We still have time for another adventure. What should we do?”
They all looked around.
“There’s a hot air balloon festival down the road,” said Lily.
“I spotted a pie eating contest when we were walking around,” said Larry.
“I really need to create some new TikTok videos,” said ChaCha
“Let’s keep walking and see what we can find,” said Blair
And so they began to walk down the road. What did they decide to do next?

Ten finalists will be chosen for each chapter with two winners being selected for inclusion in the final interactive video by public vote on Facebook and Instagram. All finalists will receive a $50 Schleich prize package.

Meet the Characters

The Bull

  • Texas Longhorns have the longest horns of any cattle.
  • The horns grow sideways out of the head and twist slightly at the tips.
  • These horns can shoot everything from glitter and gumballs to fire and ice.
  • Surprisingly, Texas Longhorns are afraid of loud noises, including thunder, clapping, and drum solos.

The Tiger

  • The Siberian tiger is the largest big cat in the world.
  • The tiger's stripes are as varied and unique as fingerprints and change color depending on their moods.
  • Unlike many other "cats" and big cats the tiger swims well and hasn’t needed to use floaties in years.
  • ChaCha loves to dance and has 100,000 TikTok followers.

The T-Rex

  • Measuring more than 40 feet tall, the T-Rex was a massive, two-legged predator.
  • The T-Rex had over fifty teeth and each tooth was nearly as long as an adult’s hand. Larry takes perfect care of his teeth, brushing and flossing often.
  • Because of the way its eyes were situated, the T-Rex would sometimes see double.
  • Larry is ultra sensitive and cries easily. It takes lots of cuddles and hugs from his friends to make him feel better.

The Rainbow Unicorn

  • In the light of the morning sun, the manes of the rainbow unicorns gleam in all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Lilly’s flanks are adorned with colourful gemstones that grant wishes when they’re touched.
  • Like most unicorns, Lilly is very shy.
  • Lilly can disappear with a wink of her left eye and anyone touching her snow white coat when she does it will disappear with her.